April 11, 2009

Good Friday

Okay...so here is the jest of what happened on Good Friday....Autumn was stressed to the max with her family coming over for dinner. Jeff was relaxed and calm as always. CX was a little tense, just because he is like his momma and Sis just wanted to play and could have cared less about anything else. It was good to see Buster and Caren....I don't think that Sis remembered them from before...of course the last time she saw them it was about 3 years ago. CX of course was shy and stand-offish (is that even a word?), until he got warmed up. Then he was ready to go in for the kill. Buster and CX played tennis on the Wii and Buster's Mii was freakin' hilarious! Looks pretty much like him! Jeff smoked ribs all night long the night before, so we had some good vittles for dinner and a DRY ham. Yes, the ham was my doing....I've never baked a ham before, but man o man, you needed a gallon of water to just swallow a bite. It was nice to catch up with everyone, and we didn't have a blow up, so that was a major plus, but I think that everyone was kind of on edge, just because. Johnny and Amanda came out late that evening and missed everyone, but Jeff and I got to visit with them and Johnny got to have some of those good ribs!
This morning, CX had his second soccer game of the season, and I think he really wanted everyone from last night to be there, but hey, what are you gonna do?! You can only control yourself and not the actions of others. He did awesome and scored another goal. He is really getting the hang of it and knows his positions and plays that they have. It is really fun to watch him play, he is so into it! The game ended in a tie, even though you aren't keeping score, the kids still know.
Right now, Jeff is snoring on the couch upstairs, CX and Sis are playing and I am about ready for a nap....I think the kids are too, they are starting to get loud. We all probably need a little rest because we are going to the little birds game today.

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