September 22, 2010


I've been busy working on odds and ends for the house and I just wanted to share a project with you that I've been working on for the last week.  I'm pretty excited about how it is turning out and hoping that it will be perfect for what I want it to be.  Wish me luck! 

My MIL gave me this beauty a few years back.  She was cleaning out the garage and didn't have any use for this and was going to just trash it.  Heck no!!!  Look at the curves on that puppy!  Wow, I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I knew eventually I would figure something out.  So, there it sat, in my garage, for YEARS!  Collecting cobwebs and critters and I even believe we had a pack rat living in it at one time.  At least it was put to good use for someone something. 

Well, I totally dug the dresser, but I wasn't digging the color.  Don't get me wrong, I love yellow, but it just wasn't the shade that I wanted and I thought that it might clash with the brown walls in my casa. 
I have a sander and tried my hand at sanding it, but after two days of sanding and all that I got done was the one drawer, I gave up and decided to Kilz it. 
That was the smartest decision I made on the renovation so far.  It almost stayed white.

Looks 100 times better already, don't you think?  But that wasn't the look that I was going for.  So after the layer of Kilz dried (BTW...Kilz is awesome!  It only took one coat to cover that beautiful shade of yellow.  I was amazed!) I brought out the spray paint. 

Still debating about leaving the while and just antiquing it.  Nope, gotta go with the gut instinct!

I pulled out the Krylon Bahama Sea and set to work on my new dresser. 

I know, you're probably thinking, "Great color, but Autumn, it is still as obnoxious as the yellow."  Same thing that I was thinking.  But I do think it is a much needed update for the dresser, No?!?!

I love the reflection of the clouds in the sky on the top of the dresser in this picture!  Isn't it beautiful?! 

So after what seemed like forever for it to dry, I pulled out my Val-spar Faux Glaze in Charcoal and set to work on the antiquing of this lovely piece of furniture. 

 I love antiqued furniture, even if it is a brand new piece.  I think that it gives the look of a truly loved piece of furniture.  I don't want cookie cutter pieces of furniture in my house.  I like one of a kinds and originals.  And, the uglier the piece, the more I love it.  Just wait till you see the rocker that I bought years ago.  Wow, it is a masterpiece! 

I know, it still needs a little something, right?!  But isn't that an improvement?  The Bahama sea blue doesn't seem to be so in-your-face now does it?!

Now, I need to install the handles on the drawers.  The handles that were attached, which you can't see in the first pic because I had already removed them, were missing pieces, so I only really had two whole handles for four handles.  Can't add it up to make it work right.  I was in Overland Park, KS a few months back visiting my Auntie CC, she took us to a wonderful little boutique of handmade clothing, jewelry, and furniture.  I saw this idea and HAD to try it out on something.  I think that this is the time to try it out. 

I really wanted to use sisal rope for the handles, but the holes in the drawers were so small, I just didn't want to drill bigger holes for the fact that I may want to change them in the future.  So, I just took Jute Twine and braided three pieces to make the handles more substantial.  I like the added texture to the dresser that they give.  I'm not really digging the wheels on the legs, but I couldn't get them out.  Those suckers are rusted into the legs.  I was afraid of what might be waiting for me if I did remove them.  So I will just have to deal with them for a while.

I'm really enjoying the dresser.  I put it in my new entry way that I have many plans for, but for right now I am just using it to catch keys and light the way.  And maybe display a fall decoration or two.

My renovation was a success as far as I am concerned.  I'll try to keep you updated on the many plans I have in store for the entry way.

Thanks for looking!  Happy Fall, Y'all!!


  1. Wow, that turned out really well!!!

  2. I like it a lot! Can I ask how many cans of the spray paint it took??

  3. Laura,
    Thanks so much! It actually took me three cans of spray paint which I didn't think was too bad. Thanks for visiting!

  4. I'm getting ready to do some furniture painting myself (for the first time!) so I was looking for inspiration and happened upon your it! great ideas! Would you suggest priming something that is wood veneer or just going ahead and painting it? Also do you always glaze? Thanks again!! :)

  5. K, I'm back with another question...I spray painted a chest of mine and now I need to glaze and distress it...I went to Hope Depot for the glaze, picked up the Behr fauz glaze finish one and thought I was good to go, but then the girl at the paint counter said, it wasn't going to stick because I had used spray paint and it would peel off...?? Also, it was a clear color...I need a tinted color, like black...I'm so confused now! Help!

  6. Love that color!! Nice choice.


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