December 18, 2009

My big boy

For those of you that know me and my family personally, this is a very monumental occassion. 

CX, who is 6, is very shy and doesn't deal with new situations easily.  Usually on the first day of practice for a new sport we have a huge blow-up just because he doesn't know the coach, doesn't know any of the kids on the team, and just doesn't do well in this kind of things.  We actually sent hime to summer school this past year because they were holding it in the same school building that he would be attending kindergarten at in the fall.  Crazy to some, but to us it just made sense to get him comfortable before the storm. 

So last night, we are on our way to CX's basketball practice when we realize that his new bball shoes are still at home.  (We live 8 miles out of town).  CX pipes up to me, "It's okay mom.  Just drop me off at the door and you can run home and get them." 

Do what?!?!  Is that my son that just said that?  "Are you sure?," I ask. 

"Yeah, I got my buddies on the team and my coach.  I'll be alright.  Just be quick and get my shoes, please."

Now to some, who don't know CX very well, this is probably not a big deal...but for my guy it is a HUGE deal.  Especially since he has only had one practice under his belt and that was two weeks ago.  He doesn't really know anyone on the team.

I drove home in a mixture of awe and fright.  I was so proud of my boy for taking a step like this, but at the same time, I was thinking, what if he actually puts it together that I am not there and has a meltdown? 

I got back to practice very quickly, but I didn't break any speed limits along the way.  To my delight when I walked in, he was happy as could be and didn't even realize I was back until about 15 minutes later.  But as soon as he saw me, he wanted those new shoes on....but had to wait til a break to put them on.

My baby is growing up right before my eyes.

December 11, 2009

Checking in

to say hello and that I am still alive and kicking.  I have been quite busy with my kiddos, holidays, gift making and having surgery.  Yes, now don't think it was life threatening or anything like that, but I have had to have a couple of days to get my sorts back in line.  (Does that even make sense?)  Anyway, I had Lasik surgery on both of my eyes this past week.  Let me tell you, if you need to wear glasses or contacts and you can afford it, you MUST get this done!  I have been a chicken poop for quite some time.  My husband has been wanting me to get it done for a few years now, and honestly, I have to say I was quite terrified of the possibility of never being able to see again.  I can live with wearing contacts and glasses for the rest of my life.  After all, I have been doing it since the 4th grade.  Yep, and I am in my dirty thirties....that is quite a long time.

Well, it was my birthday present from him this year, and I had to do it.  If someone gives you a present you don't say, "Sorry, I'm a little wussy and don't want it."  You buck up and take it like a man, or woman in my case. 

I went to my consult and let me tell you, I haven't worn glasses in years except at night when I needed to give my eyes a rest from contacts once a week.  The script was so old that I had to pay to get new lenses put into my old frames.  I had to wear glasses three days prior to my consult and then three days prior to my surgery.  Those darn glasses rubbed my poor little nose raw.  Seriously!  (Are you feeling sorry for me yet?!?) 

The surgery was very surreal and I don't know if that is my memory with the Valium or not, but it was a very strange experience to say the least.  You are awake during the whole thing and get to watch them move flaps of your eye tissue back and forth to get it just right for the laser to re-curve your eye.  Crazy! 

Now, I have 20/15 vision and it is awesome....night time is still a little bizarre because I see halos around lights, but that is supposed to go away with time.  And I also, get this, can't wear eye make-up for a week as well.  Now you may let the sympathy begin.  =)  Not for me, but for everyone that gets to see me without my make-up on.

So here is my final assessment.  If you need to wear contacts or eye glasses on a daily basis for all the normal things you do in a day....get it done!  You won't regret it!
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