April 28, 2010

Bonus room paint job

Here is my version of the paint tape stencils from AllThingsThrifty.com.  I am really liking the way it turned out.  My son keeps telling me that I need to paint the vines green, but I am really liking them the stark white ceiling paint color.  That was the plan all along, but when your 6 year old tries to give you advise, you have to try to take it into consideration so that their feelings don't get hurt.  The edges on the vines aren't as crisp as I was hoping that they would be, but if you don't look really close, you'll never know the difference.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and I really, really want to try to straighten up the edges, but my hubby keeps telling me to leave them alone, otherwise I might just make it worse and that I am the only one that it is going to bother anyway.  Probably true, but I am itching.  I'll restrain, for now!  Until something else gets me fired up.  What do you think of the color?  It was supposed to be a much softer orange, almost tan, didn't quite turn out that way, but I really like it.  Can't wait to get the room all loaded with all my goodies to start crafting again.
This is the "hunting" closet in the bonus room.  CX was a little put out that I put a vine on his and dad's closet, but I think he's over it now.  At least I didn't put a flower or butterfly on it!

April 25, 2010

Bonus Room Redo

I have been perussing blogs for ideas to decorate my new remodel and I have found some things that I am going to try.  I wanted to show you a few things that I have spotted that I absolutely adore and am planning on doing. 

First up is this idea from All Things Thrifty.  I love this blog and I love this idea.  Check out this picture and idea. 

This is going to be going in the bonus room above the new garage.  I hope that this turns out as well as it did for them.  I will show you pictures once I get it done.

Wish me luck.

April 10, 2010

My to-craft list

Well, I have been browsing around in blog land for quite some time now and am getting mad at myself.  Why, you ask?!?!?!?  Well, I keep finding all of these super cute things that I want to try to make myself and keep forgetting where I found these things!  It is very annoying and it takes me forever to find them.  So, I am going to start a to-craft list. 

Once the house is all done, whenever that will be, I am going to come back to my to-craft list and get started on some crafting! 

So, my first feature is these spring ribbon wristlets from Tatertots and Jello.  Jen has the cutest little ideas.  I've tried a few of them and am very inspired by her.  I love the blog name as well!!  Go over and check her blog out sometime.  She is sure to have something that you will like.



Well, we are making our way, slowly, but surely.  I have had some masonry fellows out here for the past couple of weeks and they are making my house look absolutely amazing!  I am loving the brick that I picked out and cannot believe the difference that it is making already.

This picture was taken after the third day of brick work.  Crazy!  I know that brick is a little bit more pricey than siding, but for the extra cost, your house goes up in price and you have that extra added insulation.  Which in the long run means your heating and cooling bills should be cheaper. 

Here is the new deck doors with the brick all the way up to the soffit.  So cool! 

They started to wrap the house with wire so that next week they can start on putting the rock on the front!  Yea!!! 

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