March 23, 2010

March 23

I know it has been a little while, like normal, but not too terribly much has been going on right now with the house.  Although, we did have the insulators out last Friday.  Now you can really see how big the bonus room is going to be. 

Today, the sheet rock was delivered as well.  That means that the walls will be going up soon and then we can do some painting and flooring!  Woo Hoo!

We also had the brick delivered today as well.  Our mason was out today getting his scaffolding ready for the bricking and the stoning.  This is what the outside of the house looks like right now.

We have to wait for them to make the stone that we picked out, but they gave us a sample of what they will look like.  I am so excited!  I was a little nervous when I saw the stones, but when I put them up next to the brick they look awesome!  Coordinate greatly! 

More pictures to come soon!

March 12, 2010


Well, as the title explains so vividly...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!  Don't get me wrong, I love living out in the boonies and not having to deal with people all up in my business all the time (nosey neighbors), but my computer is so stinking slow.  I am not on dial up, thank goodness, but I do pay a hefty bill for satellite internet and it is so much faster than dial up, but oh so slow for uploading photos.  I want to upload all the photos of the house and all the great things that are coming along day by day, but seriously, it takes me an hour just to upload a couple of pictures.  NOOOO JOKE!  So, a few days back I uploaded a couple of posts with some photos and am now not going to wait to do the ones in between.  Sorry, I know that some of you would love to see all the in betweens, but some don't really care.   =)  So, I will be posting these new ones for you.  Be excited, okay?! 

February 25

Well, the boys were definitely busy again today, installing windows, making big ones into smaller ones and rehanging doors on the french ones because they were the exact opposite of what they were supposed to be.  I was so upset when I realized last night that the doors that were installed upstairs were right handed and the ones down stairs were left handed.  I don't want to be that woman that the guys all complain about because she keeps changing her mind.  That is totally what I felt like, but they didn't seem to mind it one bit.  Especially since it was a very easy fix.  I just knew that they would have to remove the whole door jamb but they just unhinged the doors and viola!  Switcheroo is done!  Thank goodness!

Here is a window that was installed in my bedroom today that will eventually become the bathroom of the master suite.  Wow, it really amazes me the things that these guys can do.
Here is the other window in the bedroom.
This bay window was a garage door two days ago.  Now this bay window will be in Lil' sis's room.  Sooo cool!  (pay no attention to the messy garage!)
This was a garage door this morning and now, looky looky!  Another bay window for CX's room.  (I always wanted a bay window in my bedroom growing up.) 
This is what one of the new windows looks like on the outside of the casa.  It was normal size just a little while ago.  Look at that ladder situation too....I wouldn't trust it, but they don't even seem to blink about it. 

I have one more pic, but the puter is giving me fits downloading it.  Don't know why.  It just shows you the other small window in the bedroom and the two bay windows.  I really wanted to put it on here, but I'll keep trying.  It's super cool!

I finally got it to work!  Yea!

Thanks for looking!

February 15

Well, it ended up snowing pretty good this morning, so I didn't expect to see the guys working today.  But while they were off I thought I would walk around and take a few pictures.

Here is a picture of my stairway.  It is going to be sooo cool and that window that is there right now, will eventually come out and that will be the inside wall of the new master suite. 
I know it is hard to tell, but this is going to be my mud room/entry from the garage.  It will be nice to have a place to take all of those muddy shoes off without tracking it thru the house or having to trip over all of the piles because we don't have anywhere to store them.
This is my laundry room...hard to tell, but to the left will be a window and we are going to put a sink under that.  I couldn't decide if I wanted a sink in there or not, but the more I think about it, the more I think it is a great idea.  There are so many times that I am soaking something in the kitchen sink and wishing I had one in the laundry room.  Now I will!

They are starting to frame the entry way here.
You can also see that the roofer came out and dropped off the new shingles for the roof.  We have been needing a roof for a really looooong time.
The three car garage with extra wide doors and extra deep capacity.  Sahweet!
Here it is.  Can you imagine it?!?!?!?

Thanks for checking in again.  Can't wait to show you the next group of pics!
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