May 5, 2011

master bathroom update #3

Sorry, just have to get a little business out of the way...

Happy Birthday, you old man!

Now...quit telling everyone you are old and decrepit like your wife!
35 is not that old!

We love you!

Now...onto my master bathroom...

The tile is down!

Now...the shower is being installed and I have to paint before they get it in. 

Also, I am having a problem with the paint.  Have you ever loved a color, put it on the walls and hated it?  Well, that is what I am dealing with now.  It looks like a few hundred pistachios threw up on my bathroom walls.  Sir and Lil' Sis keep telling me that once it dries it will be better.

I sure hope they are right!

Otherwise, I just spent all day painting for NOTHING!!

Stay tuned for more on the paint drama!

Thanks for stopping in!  Come back real soon!

May 3, 2011

Teacher appreciation Week

So, all this week it is teacher appreciation week.  A time to let your teacher now just how much they mean.

Our elementary school has a special day designated for the teachers favorite things.

Monday-wear your teachers favorite color
Tuesday-bring your teachers favorite drink
Wednesday-tell your teacher how much you appreciate them
Thursday-bring your teachers favorite snack
Friday-make your teacher a card (which I think is pretty much the same as Wednesday, but whatever)

So, yesterday the kiddos wore their teachers favorite color.  CX wore teal and Lil' Sis wore purple.

Today is the drink day and I wanted to do a little something besides just bring in 20 ounce drinks.

I decided to dig into my recycle clothing bag and make a bag of sorts for the bottles.  This is what I came up with.

I took a shirt of CX that he had outgrown and was stained pretty good.  I don't feel right donating it to goodwill when it is stained, so I hold onto it for situations like this.

And I cut the sleeves off, right at the arm pits.

Then I turned the sleeves inside out and sewed a straight line right on the edge that I cut.

Then I made a small hole in the cuff of the sleeve.

I then took some ribbon and pinned a safety pin into the end.  I then pushed the pin thru the hole and threaded the cuff with the ribbon.  And then turned it right side out.

I then put the bottle inside the sleeve bag and tied up the ribbon.

And, ta da, you are done.  And you have a cute little bag for a rather ordinary gift.

It didn't cost me a dime and now the kiddos have super cute little gifts to take to their teachers.

Thanks for coming by!

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May 2, 2011

Master bathroom Update #2

So the bathroom is moving right along.  Here is a picture of the flooring.

Yes, I exciting!

And here are some pics of the walls.  My trim guy did the flooring and the walls all in one day.

The pooper room

The shower

His side

Her side

My closet...still have to install the sheet rock onto the old bathroom (Sir's soon to be closet).

Now I have to figure out a paint color.

Hmm....any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping in today!

May 1, 2011

Newest Must Do!

Had to show you the newest thing I have come across in this wonderful blog land and I MUST make one!

I adore this!

Hop over to So You Think You're Crafty to see it and many other great projects!

April 29, 2011

My master bath

We have had bare walls for quite some time now.

Remember these?

Here are the same walls now!

(the pooper room)

(the shower)

(Sirs side)

(My side)

I'm such a dork, but I am sooo excited! 

More pictures will be coming soon!!!
Thanks for reading today.  See you next time.

April 27, 2011

Fringe Shirt

Okay, so can I just say that I am loving WobiSobi and all of her wonderful re-styles!

Seriously!  Check these out!

She inspires me every time I pop over to her blog.  She makes me look at my clothes in different ways and think, "Hmm....what can I re-style?".

Well, when she said that she has a favorite blog that inspires her I HAD to check it out!

And, OH MY GOSH!  I wanted to hang out on that blog and read about all her DIY's!

Like this...

Okay, do you know what that is made out of?!?!?!?  Do ya?  Do ya?

Straws and shoe laces!!!!!

Anyway, while I was there, I was inspired by this.


So, I made this.

First, I started with a plain white t-shirt.

Then I laid out my tassel trim onto the collar to make sure I had enough.  And cut it where I the seams on the shirt are.

Then I whipped out the old glue gun and got to work.

Then I took a little bit flashier trim and glued that on top of the fringe.

And, TA DA! took me no time at all.  And it didn't cost me anything either, well, $5 for the shirt, and around $5 for the trim.  Plus it was a present for my SIL if my brother ever asks her to marry him!  I still claim her as my SIL!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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Easter Moments

Just wanted to share some fun moments from our Easter with you all.

The Easter Bunny always seems to bring way too much candy!

And yes, those are books!  The Easter Bunny was kind of feeling educational this year!  Kiddos didn't seem to care though!

Yes, it is like barely 6am!  We all are still half asleep!

Now onto the egg hunt.  The Bunny woke Sir up and told him that there were 52 eggs hidden.


What on earth is that bunny thinking?!  Better get to looking! the fridge?  Won't know until we check!

Nope, none in there.

Eventually they did find all 52.  But it was a massive hunt.  We only had 51 for about 2 hours!  Right before we left for church Lil' Sis found that last one!

That bunny is one sneaky bunny!

Pay no attention to the boy with a hand on his "Dude"!!

Awe!  Aren't they little angels?  Yeah, they can look good for the camera!  Don't let them fool you!

Can't you see the orneriness just seeping out?!

Then after church is was off to Grandma and Papa's house.

The bunny always seems to find Grandmas house too!

And hides eggs there too!

Weird thing, the bunny hid 52 at Grandma and Papas too!

Lil' Sis checking out her loot.

CX smiling like a cheese ball!

And yes, he had food on his face once again!

I swear, that kid!

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you all had a Great Easter!

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