March 29, 2011

Mother/son event

This past Friday at the kiddos elementary school it was time for the annual Mother/Son event.  This year it was the "Win it in a minute" event.

How fun would that be with your son?!

We had a blast!

Here is a little before pic of us in the car before heading in.

I knew once we headed inside I would never be able to grab a photo of the two of us.  It's not great, but at least I got one!

Once inside it was total chaos just like I expected.  Boys running around everywhere!

We did every event that they had set up.  Stacking 5 apples (nearly impossible), getting a gumball into the middle of a tennis racquet, scooting across the floor on a towel with your son (my thighs still sting a little), tug of war with another mom and son, ping pong balls being whipped into laundry baskets, ping pong balls being thrown into a bucket on moms head (very dangerous!), cup stacking, cookie from forehead to face, stacking 6 dice onto a tongue depressor, moving cotton balls from one bowl to another with your nose covered in Vaseline, bouncing quarters into a fish bowl and blowing cups off of a table with a balloon.

It was very well planned and we even got to take home a cool water bottle.

While CX and I were at the event, Sir took Lil' Sis to a movie, "Gnomeo and Juliet".  Sis had a really good time with daddy and talked about their night all the next day.

I am so glad that she had such a great male role model.  And I sure hope that I am setting a good example for a female role model for my son.

Later that night, CX and I stayed up late, just the two of us, playing video games.  I know it's not much, but I think its time well spent on my son.  I had a great time and I'm pretty sure he did too!

Thanks for reading.  See you again soon!

March 28, 2011

Post pics reloaded

I just wanted to update those of you that are new here, that I have found a few of my lost photos.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had lost some photos on a few of my posts.  Well, I found a few on my little ole smart phone and was oh so joyous!

If any of you are interested, please take a look at my lotus clutch post.

Here is a little teaser if you are interested.

Thanks so much for coming by today.

March 24, 2011

Fashion faux pas or genius

My little girl is quite the character.

She makes herself giggle, which is hilarious in itself!

She is the biggest girly girl and then will turn and get muddy and dirty without even thinking twice.

She is the greatest little thing, and to think at one time I wanted her to be a little boy.
(I was preggo and the ultrasounds were all inconclusive (all three!)).
Don't judge!

She definitely doesn't care what the trendy thing is.  She just likes what she likes and I hope that she holds onto that forever.  Stick to your guns girlie!

So, last Sunday we went to the park.  She was running around the house like this, and just slapped on some shoes and off we went.

Like the socks?!  She does!  I think now that I look at it, she was color coordinated!

She looks adorable and had a great day playing in the rocks.

So what do you think?  Fashion faux pas or genius?

I'm going for genius!

Oh, and a word to the wise.  Those slick shorts made it impossible to swing.  Her little tush kept sliding off of the seat every time she kicked back. 

Look at that smile!  And those bumped and bruised knees!

Wouldn't trade her for the world!

Thanks for reading today!

March 23, 2011

Craft disaster

While on spring break the kids and I decided to do a craft project.

We searched online and thru the many books that I have.  We found one online at Family Fun.

This is what we were going to make.

Cute, huh?  And we had all the supplies here!  Thank goodness!  I didn't want to run to the store for something.

We gathered all of our supplies...

Cut 20 3' pieces of yarn per balloon.

Then we mixed the glue with water (equal parts).

Next, we got to work with the project.

Then, we started having problems.  The yarn kept sliding off and then the balloon would roll around.  The kids were getting very frustrated and so was I!

So Lil' Sis gave up and decided to play with the balloons instead.  She had way more fun, and there was no more crying involved!  From any of us!!!!

I tried three different times to wrap the yarn around the balloons and every time that I had it all finished and hung it up to dry (like they recommended) the yarn would slide off.  I finally gave up.  Obviously we weren't doing something right, but what I don't know!

Oh, well.  At least we had a good time failing together.

Thanks for coming by today.


March 22, 2011

spring break

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here.

We just got done with Spring Break and have been busy with the house as well.

I had a great time with my kiddos, but let me tell you something...I never realized how tired I get from playing with them.  I must really be out of shape!

I have also been working on some projects.

I'm currently working on this bad boy.

Stay tuned to see the reveal!  I am now off to "Lowe's" again.

I think I really need to invest in some stock there!  At least I might get a percentage back from all the moolah I sink into that store!

And I also want to share this picture of my baby girl!

We went to the park Sunday evening, since it was 80+ degrees.

I don't have any pics of CX or dad, they were across the field playing soccer.  But we had a great time and it was a perfect way to say good-bye to spring break.

Thanks for stopping by today!

March 15, 2011

Weekend work

This Saturday was another day of destruction at my casa.

Remember the basement?

Well, we pulled up all the nastiness that was the flooring!

It was one of the sickest things ever!  My husband lived in this house with a bunch of other guys before he met me.  It was definitely the epitome of a bachelor pad or fraternity house!
(There was a kegerator in the kitchen, a pool table in the living room, and a head size hole in the stair well!)

The carpet had mystery stains that I didn't even want to know were.  And then, the padding had the same as well!


So, this is what the basement looks like now!

We also removed the wall in the pantry/laundry room.



Then on Sunday we decided to be adventurous and do some electrical work.

Moved the lighting from point A
Sorry...didn't get a picture before we put the board up.

to point B.

Then we decided to get all wild and crazy!

We built a wall!



Yes, Sir and I made it with our own hands!  I was so stoked that we did it all on our own!
How cool is that?!  To say that "I built a wall in my house!".

Sorry, maybe not so cool for everyone.

This will be the wall between my pantry and closet. 

That's all we did this weekend.

Slowly but surely we are making progress.

Thanks for reading today.  Come back again!

March 12, 2011

5 minute bracelet REALLY!

The church that I attend has blessed me with the opportunity to come up with a craft for one of the ladies ministry meetings.

How cool is that?!  They think I'm crafty!

I wear my own jewelry creations and get compliments on them quite often.  Well, someone asked me to come up with a jewelry project and this is what I made.

Now, here is the tricky part.

The project has to be easy and quick to make.
Not everyone is at the same skill level as you.

It has to be rather inexpensive.
Don't want to spend a lot of money on something someone may not want in the first place.

It has to appeal to 16 year old as well as 60 year old ladies.
We have a broad age spectrum for our ladies ministry.

Okay, now what to make.

I came upon a creation in an old beading magazine that I picked up at a flea market months ago.  I have no idea who created it...the magazine was in pretty bad shape, so I can't give credit where it is due.  Sorry, but if you made this and its your idea, please let me know and I will fix my post.

What are they?  I call them inspiration bracelets.

Lets make one and maybe it will inspire you too!


1.  1mm leather cord (any color will do, I picked black)
2.  Silver tubing or spacer beads
3.  Head pin or eye pin
4.  Charm of your choice

First I measure the circumference of my wrist.

6 1/2"

I then took the leather cording and cut the leather adding one inch, so I cut a total of 7 1/2" of leather cording.

Trust's 7 1/2"!

I then grabbed my silver tubing and stuck 1/4" of the leather cord into one end of the tube.

Then I took my crimper and crimped the tube closed over the cord.

I then took my eye pin and put the charm onto it.

I am having a really hard time taking pictures and explaining how to make a wired loop.  So, click on here to see how.  She explains it so much better. 

But I made a wired loop, strung it onto my leather cord with the tubing already attached to one side.

Then I took my crimper again, and crimped the bead close.  Remember to add just about 1/4" inside the tube.

Ta Da!  You are done!

The bracelet should be big enough that you can slip it over your hand.  One is a little bit snugger than the other, but I made it work!

Seriously, do you know how difficult it is to take a picture with one hand?!

And there you have it!  The 5 minute bracelet!  This post only took me about 10 times as long to make!

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you make one, I would love to see pics!

I've linked to these parties...

March 10, 2011

What the?!?

I just had to share this.  And no, it is not gross!

I was sitting at my kitchen table the other day and heard the biggest THUD!

I just knew some punk kid had drove by and threw a cherry bomb or something at my house.

Seriously!  That is how loud it was!

I went outside to investigate.  My trusty guard dog by my side...she's oh so brave!

I rounded the corner of the house and this is what I found.

Yep!  It was a bird...a ladder woodpecker to be exact!
(I'm trying to impress you, is it working?!)

Anyway, Zippy was the big bad dog she is and decided to sniff the truth out of this bird.

The bird wasn't talking, just kept blinking his eyes and taking really deep, slow breaths.

I was investigating the scene when I came upon this.

Yeah, he couldn't deny it then.  He flew smack dab into my new window!  He was going after one of the trees in the background and thought he could get there before his buddies.  I heard them all laughing at him from the woods, the things we do to fit in!

So, I told him to not come back to the scene of the crime and fly away.

This is what I got.

Nada!  Zippy was pretty upset with him and kept trying to move him with her nose.  She was cussing up a storm too!  Good thing the kiddos weren't around when it was going on.
(For such a young dog, she sure does have a mouth on her!  Must get that from Sir!)

Zippy and I had to get back to file all the paperwork and such so we left.

About an hour later we went to see if the culprit was still there and he was gone!

Good thing, too!  I really think Zippy was thinking of having woodpecker for dinner.

Yet another case solved by Zippy!  Such a good guard dog!

Thanks for swinging by today, don't fly into my windows okay?  They are barely a year old!

Sorry, feeling kind of dorky today.  Had to run with it!

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