September 9, 2009


I just had to share this little thing from my little girl this morning.  She is such a smart bottom!  Gotta love a kid who is quick witted and sharp. 

So, we were heading to the car to take CX down to the bus stop and lil' sis wanted a frozen yogurt to take with her.  Not a problem...I told them both to get into the car and we would be going.  As I am coming back up the stairs from putting my things into the car and making one last round to make sure I didn't forget anything, I pass them on the stairs.  I see that lil' sis has a yogurt in her hand and I tell her that I already have one for her waiting in the car.  Well, you know what that little monkey said to me?!?!?  "Wow, mom, I'm impressed!"

Huh?  Like I'm forgetful or something.  Gotta love kids, they are so honest!  Anyway, that's all.

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