October 10, 2010

" Life style change?!?!"

Well, today has been the 6Th day of a change in the way my family and I are eating.  (Actually, it is my 10Th.  But who's counting!)  My husband and I have decided to lose some of those extra unwanted pounds that seem to sneak up on you from out of nowhere.  He has a few more than I do to lose.  But he will make his goal before I do, because he is a flipping guy!  NO FAIR! 

So a few months ago my dearest tells me about this infomercial that he saw and really wants me to check out.  He wanted me to check it out so much that he DVRed (is that even a word?) it for me.  Really!  I checked it out and it seemed pretty legit and safe.  From what I could tell, but I am not a registered dietitian or anything like that at all. 

Well, a few weeks ago I decided to order it.  Because, I am over-weight.  Really!  It is very hard for me to type this, but I am.  I admit it!  I am out of the closet.  Or maybe I am finally dealing with reality for once.  Who knows.  Sooo, how did I come to this realization you ask?  Well, it all started on PTA skate night.


Oh what fun that was!  Really, it wasn't that bad except for the fact that my kiddos cannot skate at all.  And I on the other hand, learned to skate at a very young age.  The preschool that I went to actually took us skating and we had little demos that we did around town.  Yes, that is correct....I even have the pictures to prove it, but don't know that I am going to share that with you right now. 

So, here is mom and her two kiddos at the skate rink.  Dad is working late and doesn't really want to go anyway, but he ends up showing up.  Thank goodness!  I had my hands full, literally, trying to hold onto one and watch the other or vice verse.  Don't know how single mommas do this job.  You girls are amazing! 

So, dad arrives, the kiddos have dollar dogs and drinks and then they are ready to show dad their new mad skills!  As dad is off with little one, I am with CX trying to help him steady himself, when, oh yes, he falls.  Let me explain....this is not the first fall of the night, nor the last.  I try to help him up and as I am letting go, thinking he is steady, he topples onto momma.  And down I go.  Right onto my right ankle.  I have never felt such pain or heard such awful noises come out of my body (besides childbirth).  Oh the pain!!!

I knew I was a goner, but my skates were laced so tight it wasn't that bad.  Until, the unveiling of the ankle.  Check it out....Ain't it a beauty?!?!?

I could still walk on it, but I was afraid that I had fractured it, so I went to the doctor the next day.  And that is where I got the glorious news about my weight.  How delightful and this is what it looked like when I got home. 

You think that one is a beauty...check out the one below.  Gorgeous darling, gorgeous!

So, I am a gimp and overweight!  What a sight I must be!

So, back to the lifestyle change...we are currently trying this diet out and not doing too terribly bad, but let me tell you what!  I never realized how much salt is added into every tiny little thing that we eat!  And how much!  Yikes!  So, this is a no-to-low sodium, no sugar, no dairy diet.  I know, no milk, can't be healthy.  Well, maybe it's not, but I eat all of the time!  Seriously!  I am not starving myself but I sure do miss the taste of stuff. 

I'll keep you updated.  If my dearest doesn't kill me first! 

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