October 13, 2010

I can give you what you want

But you have to come home with me...

Anywho.  As I was fleasie shopping, I brought home this super duper pimped out ottoman for only six buckaroos!  Yes, I am tight!  So tight you can insert a piece of coal in my *** and six weeks later you will have a diamond.  Not really.

But if you got the joke, then you understand what I'm saying!

So, here is the beaut!

Oh my gosh!  Pay no attention to the dirty tile this thing is sitting on!!!

And here is the underneath view that I told you about the other day.  Seriously, that's a nice job!

You can really get a feel for the material as well with this pic.  Now, if that's your thing that's great and all, but it is sooooooo not me.

Next, I had to remove the fabric to see what is underneath this material....I can only think that it is something much worse than what is on the outside.  Plus, what the heck keeps rattling around inside of this thing?!?!?  I'm gonna have to take this thing apart!  Dang git!!


It doesn't have a scratch on it and it doesn't even have a strange aroma coming off of it.  What the chiz?  I'm confused...why would you cover this up?

It's still rattling!!!  Thought it might of had a secret compartment or something, but NOOOO!

Okay, lets remove that underneath!

Not bad...the leather or pleather or vinyl or whatever is stapled pretty well....hmm.

Oh, did I mention....this ottoman was made in the U.S.A. 

I'm so proud to have bought someones trash to recycle that is American made. Just shows that we can make things in this country that can withstand a few years. (Sorry, getting down from my soap box.)

Yep, it is blue too. 

Removal of first layer.  Forgot to take picture....sorry.

Remove next layer.

That's like a plastic bag from a trash can or something.  Probably helps with the friction caused with the foam.

Next layer....cardboard?

Okay, one more.  This is getting to be a bigger adventure than I had anticipated.  I hope this is the last one.  Who knows?!?

Ah ha!  Gotta fix me some support beams.  No prob....gonna grab the drill and some screws and ta da!  Good as new, or maybe even better!

Where the heck is that darn drill?!?!?!?

No, I'm not just using wood glue...but thought it couldn't hurt to have a little extra hold.

I am woman!  I screw screw by myself!  No need for power tools!

Yep, there are three screws.  Every time I got one in, the end of another leg would pop off.  GREAT!

Okay, I think that is going to do it.  Next layer back on.  Sorry, no pic, again.  I'm slacking, I know!

Next, the lovely foam....yum!  If it hadn't been in such good condition I would have replaced it.

Next, the trash bag.  Is this really necessary?!  I better do it.  May regret it later.

Yes, that is duct tape.  I know, I know!  I'm a hypocrite!  It is going to get covered anyway....not like it's going to be on the outside or something.

Don't judge me!!

And, voila!!  Back to normal.

Now, do I leave it like that or do I do what I had planned on all along?

Hmm....decisions, decisions.

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