November 4, 2010


It is finally November, my favorite month of the year.

Why, you might ask?  Well, I love the cool air, the leaves falling to the ground, the smell of hot apple cider, pulling out my cozy sweaters, slipping into my boots and.....It's when my birthday is!

Now, normally, I would be excited and thrilled to be getting older.  But I have come to the realization, that the older I get, the older my kiddos get.  Darn them!

So, I will be 35 this month and am kinda freaking a little.  I really don't know why either, but for some reason it is bothering me.  Maybe it's because I asked for a vacuum cleaner for my birthday.  Yep, a vacuum!  You know you are getting old when you want household tools for gifts.  Mine has just broke its last belt and smells really funny.  Not in a good way either!

So, as I was looking at vacuums online, I stumbled onto some other sites and found a few things on my wish list for this year.  I have no idea how I got onto these sites either, I don't recall these stores selling vacuums, but maybe I'm wrong.  I also take cash and checks as well!  =P

I'm pear shaped, so I will never buy bottoms online, but tops I don't have a problem with.  This sweater above is from and it is $118.  Wow!  I love to browse that site, and just wonder how people spend that kind of money on clothing.  I could get a whole outfit for that kind of dough!  Yep, I'm cheap thrifty!

Anyhow....I'm still kicking, one more birthday under my belt.  I'll let you know if i survive!

Thanks for coming by today.  Have a wonderful fall day!

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