December 18, 2010

Future To Craft Project

I know that everyone is busy with their holiday crafts/presents...but I wanted to share something that I found.  I basically am posting this for my own memory, because I am kind of forgetful and get sidetracked quite a  bit!

I am so making this for my house!!

Or this!

I love this idea and I have an old window in my basement just waiting for the right project.  This is probably

If you are intrigued by this project, just head on over to The Exchange.  She has some really cute ideas and made a ton of these adorable Christmas trees as well.

How sassy are these?!  I am so in love with them...too bad I am done making Christmas decorations this year.  Most definitely will be on the agenda for next year.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you all have a very Merry day!

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