April 27, 2011

Easter Moments

Just wanted to share some fun moments from our Easter with you all.

The Easter Bunny always seems to bring way too much candy!

And yes, those are books!  The Easter Bunny was kind of feeling educational this year!  Kiddos didn't seem to care though!

Yes, it is like barely 6am!  We all are still half asleep!

Now onto the egg hunt.  The Bunny woke Sir up and told him that there were 52 eggs hidden.


What on earth is that bunny thinking?!  Better get to looking!

Hmm...in the fridge?  Won't know until we check!

Nope, none in there.

Eventually they did find all 52.  But it was a massive hunt.  We only had 51 for about 2 hours!  Right before we left for church Lil' Sis found that last one!

That bunny is one sneaky bunny!

Pay no attention to the boy with a hand on his "Dude"!!

Awe!  Aren't they little angels?  Yeah, they can look good for the camera!  Don't let them fool you!

Can't you see the orneriness just seeping out?!

Then after church is was off to Grandma and Papa's house.

The bunny always seems to find Grandmas house too!

And hides eggs there too!

Weird thing, the bunny hid 52 at Grandma and Papas too!

Lil' Sis checking out her loot.

CX smiling like a cheese ball!

And yes, he had food on his face once again!

I swear, that kid!

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you all had a Great Easter!

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