January 21, 2011

Anyone know a good stripper?

NO!!!!  I don't mean that kind of stripper!  Geez!  Get your minds out of the gutter!

Just kidding!  Of course that isn't what I was talking about!

I have to tell you that I bought this old wooden shutter at a local flea market and have a great idea for it.  It is actually my "top secret" project that I have been working on for what seems like years.  When the weather doesn't get above freezing, it is hard to do many things with paint and such.

Anyway, here is my shutter.

It isn't in the greatest shape, but I knew when i bought it, I would figure out something to do with it.  Anyway, it had multiple layers of paint on it.  Obviously...check it out!

At first I just thought that is was white and a pine green color.  Man was I wrong!  Started the sanding process and this is what I found.

I was getting nowhere fast with my sander, so I decided to get me some stripper.  Which is a very handy thing to have when you are repurposing things, except that the can says to use in temps between 65 and 85.  Not really the norm in middle America in January, but hey, no one said I was the sharpest tack!

I bought me some handy dandy stripper, a pair of chemical resistant gloves and a scraper!  Then i set to work.  This took forever!  Really, I worked on it constantly for one full day and still had to use my sander once I got the majority of the multiple layers off.  Geez!  What a mess!

Then, I was so tired of messing with it, I thought, what if I just glaze over the shutter as is.  Hmm...you never know until you try.

Yeah, no, that's not exactly the look I was going for.  Plus, I can't really tell a difference.  So, I decided to whip out the trusty spray paint and set to work.  Again, it is not above freezing, just so you didn't forget.

While I had the paint out, I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?!?!?

Well, it takes the paint a really long time to dry when it is cold.  So here I sit.

Once I have another coat on it and my project finished I'll be back.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post this.  Yesterday was a snow day and you know what that means.  It means my whole day is spent having fun with the kiddos and no "me" time.  I'm not complaining though!  We had fun playing games, watching movies, me watching them make a snow man, and just having a good day all in all.

Thanks for coming by, see you next time!

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