February 21, 2011

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!

So, remember this from the other day?


Well...here is what it looks like now!

Our friends Ivan and Aimus came over Sunday afternoon to help us out!

They are the bestest friends EVER!

Aimus and their daughter, Xara, helped me destroy the remaining walls in the old garage!  It was sooo much fun!  I think they enjoyed it!  They recently just built a house, but never got the chance to destroy.  So, being the good friend I am, I invited them over to help!  And they jumped!  I'll have pics of that up later.

So, while we were downstairs destroying, Ivan and Sir were upstairs creating!

The boys men framed my new master bathroom!  How cool is that?!

Now i get to go shopping for faucets and bathroom stuff!

Bring out the check book baby!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful day!

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