April 1, 2011

House update

So, yes, I am a slacker.  Sorry.

Thought that I better update you all on what has been going on with the house.

Two weekends ago we finished ripping out the sheet rock in the basement.

The wall that CX is tearing out is actually going to house our gun safe behind a secret door.  Sir just had to have a "secret bookcase" door.  Where CX is walking actually used to be the access to the stairwell.  It was this super creepy little door.  Like the one from the twilight zone...you know the one, where the creepy little creature lives.  (EKK!!!  Getting chills right now!)

This room will eventually become out media room.

Here is another view of the work that was done in this room.

Then, after removing all the sheet rock, I had the privilege of cleaning out underneath the stair well.  MMMM....there was some pretty good things in there!  Like dead bugs, spiders and their egg sacks, and tons of mice poo.  Nice! 

I never realized just how gross my house is.  But I guess if you never use it, you probably don't know it either.  Everybody's attic is probably the same way, right?!

Am I just kidding myself and you all have sparkling clean homes????

Still have to get that old water heater out of here.  We have a fancy schmancy new wall one.  Yee haw, we are moving up in the world!

Then, last weekend we chalked out the bedrooms for the kiddos rooms in the old garage.  Their bathrooms are next on the list once the master bathroom is done.  We have to jack hammer the concrete to lay the pipes.  That should be fun!

We also laid the shower pan in the master bathroom.  Now we are waiting for the sheet rock to be installed.  We got the okay from the inspector, so now it is a waiting game.  Once the sheet rock is done, we can finish with the installation of the shower.  Then onto the flooring and everything else.

We have to get the bathroom functioning so that we can move forward with the closets and kitchen part.  Jeez...it seems like a never ending cycle.  But it will all be worth it in the end.

I'm currently looking for old dressers or tables to retro fit into vanities for the bathroom as well.  I have a really good idea of what I want, just have to find it now.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by today.

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