June 15, 2009

So far so good....

Well, it is two days in a row that I have blogged. Maybe I might get the hang of this thing, I sure hope so for those few of you that actually keep up to date with me.

I went to the store today to pick out father's day cards for my kids to send to daddy and grandpas and all the other dads we know. I ended up buying 10 cards and spending over $26.00! Outrageous! Man, whoever decided to make holiday cards is a freaking genius and I sure hope is reaping the rewards or their offspring are. In all actuality, I guess it isn't that bad. I only spent an average of $2.60 per card, but still! YIKES! Then I have to pay for postage! Goodness, what the heck has that risen up to by now?!?!? 43 cents or something? I remember when I was a kid, now this will show my age, I would walk to the mailbox and put a letter and a quarter in and get back change for the postage for my letter. That has probably been a few years ago, but who's counting?

So, as you all start to stress out about what to get those dads in your life for father's day, don't forget that small fortune that you will be forking over to send them a little something special in the mail. No wonder everyone is emailing cards now!

I know I complain, but I still love to get a letter in the mail. It makes me feel as if someone actually cares about me. And if it makes me feel so special, then I am sure that is might make those guys feel a little extra special as well.

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