July 3, 2009

One of those days

Do you ever just have one of those days where you feel like any little thing is going to set you off and you are either going to bite someones head off or cry like a little baby? Well, today was my day like that. I feel like I have been having a lot of these lately and I don't really know why. Jeff seems to think that I am stressed out, but what on earth do I have to be stressed about?!? Seriously. The world according to Autumn is just a little hectic now, with birthdays coming up, but for the most part I don't seem to have that much on my plate. Or do I?

Let's see...CX is playing baseball on Friday nights in Springfield, he has practice on Monday nights, Jeff is playing softball on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Sis has a big birthday party coming up and so does CX. (Which maybe is my stresser!) CX's birthday invitations are giving me fits! AAH! Mario Kart is driving me nuts!

No one in the big metropolis has anything for this theme, so I am having to make invitations for this shin-dig and it is pushing me to the edge. Of course, I am trying to make my son happy, and he is very particular about things. I have NO idea where he gets that from!

Or maybe I am stressed because it is very late at night and I am not sleeping well when I do sleep. Did that make any sense? I don't know. Okay, I am off to bed now. Hopefully I will get some peaceful sleep tonight so my husband will stop telling me, "You know, you look really tired and stressed. Like you hate the world or something." Thanks honey, I love you too!


  1. Hang in there girl. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. Don't forget sister, people throw invitations away =) Make a cute one for his scrap book and send generic ones to everyone else. Here's a great video that convicted my busy spirit at the beginning of this year.


    If you ever need to hang, I'd love to sip lemonade with ya while the kids play =)


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