August 30, 2009


I am just a little upset about what happened to my family after leaving church this morning. And I think that it should upset us all!

Today when we got to church apparently my husband left the Sirius, satellite radio, on while we were in church. Not a biggie right? Well, we came out, started the car up and left. Turned into the gas station to fill up and left the Sirius on again, because it was one of lil sis's favorite songs, Kings of Leon-use somebody. Well, after filling up and running inside to get a Sunday paper the car was dead. Dead as a doornail....where does that expression come from anyway?

Still, not a big deal, I grabbed my jumper cables out of the back of the car. (My momma raised me to always be prepared.) As I come back up to the front of the car, Jeff has the hood popped open and is heading over to this other car that has pulled in to get gas. It is a Cadillac and filled with two elderly gentlemen and two elderly ladies. As Jeff is asking them to politely pull their car over to ours to jump it the one old man says,"well, my car doesn't jump and I don't think this one does either." HUH?!?!? Since when do Cadillacs not have batteries in them? Seriously? The old man then walks over to the driver of the car, whispers something to him and I swear if that car could have thrown rocks when they drove off it would have caught on fire from all the sparks!

Wow, I am still in a daze about that. Is Jeff really that intimidating or me for that matter?

So then, as the Cadillac is speeding away, a nice older lady pulls up to the pump right next to us. No, she can't help out either, she isn't that car knowledgeable and plus it is an acura, you have to have special jumper cables to do that. Okay, if that is your story, stick to it. Amazing, I didn't know that about acura's, darn foreign cars!

So then, we walk over to this van, with "normal" looking people and they are more than happy to help us out. They are from Indiana and traveling back home from vacation down in Branson. They aren't even from here and they are nice.

I am just befuddled and don't know what to think. I always have my jumper cables with me, and I don't know how many times I have helped people out. Are there really that kind of people out there in the world? Apparently, because I ran into two different sets of them today, after church. Nice christian people, eh?!?!?


  1. You should have asked them if they enjoyed church today. Adn if they said they didn't go you should have said that that is evident.

  2. I know that it isn't my place to judge and that they had the right to say no, but they didn't even do that! They just sped away!


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