January 12, 2010

House remodel

I thought that I would share with those of you that read this, which is mostly family and friends, (Thanks, by the way!) what is going on with my casa.  I am trying to find a picture of the before, but I think it is in the other computer.  Of course! 

We are adding a three car garage onto the front of the house and then remodeling the garage into bedrooms for the kids and the bedrooms upstairs into a master suite.  I'm so excited, but also a little nervous. 

On day one, which was December 21st, the framer and concrete guy came out to the house and marked up the front yard.  Not a biggie right?  So on day two, December 22nd, this is what my front yard looked like. 

There were two huge trees were that big pile of clay is.  If you look really close in the background, you can see them.  REALLY close!  Like the stained vinyl siding?!?!  We've tried everything and nothing seemed to help...thank goodness we're going to stone and brick it with this remodel.

  This is what my humble home used to look like.  Just wait.  There are more pictues to come as the work progresses.

Those two garage doors are going to soon be the kids' bay windows.  The one on the left will be CX's room and the right will be lil sis's.  Nice bunch of red clay....anyone need any?  We have plenty to spare! 

So this is what they did on day two...geez!  Wonder what they are going to do tomorrow?  Stay posted....

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