March 12, 2010


Well, as the title explains so vividly...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!  Don't get me wrong, I love living out in the boonies and not having to deal with people all up in my business all the time (nosey neighbors), but my computer is so stinking slow.  I am not on dial up, thank goodness, but I do pay a hefty bill for satellite internet and it is so much faster than dial up, but oh so slow for uploading photos.  I want to upload all the photos of the house and all the great things that are coming along day by day, but seriously, it takes me an hour just to upload a couple of pictures.  NOOOO JOKE!  So, a few days back I uploaded a couple of posts with some photos and am now not going to wait to do the ones in between.  Sorry, I know that some of you would love to see all the in betweens, but some don't really care.   =)  So, I will be posting these new ones for you.  Be excited, okay?! 

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