March 23, 2010

March 23

I know it has been a little while, like normal, but not too terribly much has been going on right now with the house.  Although, we did have the insulators out last Friday.  Now you can really see how big the bonus room is going to be. 

Today, the sheet rock was delivered as well.  That means that the walls will be going up soon and then we can do some painting and flooring!  Woo Hoo!

We also had the brick delivered today as well.  Our mason was out today getting his scaffolding ready for the bricking and the stoning.  This is what the outside of the house looks like right now.

We have to wait for them to make the stone that we picked out, but they gave us a sample of what they will look like.  I am so excited!  I was a little nervous when I saw the stones, but when I put them up next to the brick they look awesome!  Coordinate greatly! 

More pictures to come soon!

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