June 18, 2010

Laundry room cabinets

I got my cabinets for the laundry room installed, finally, last Thursday.  I really love the way they turned out, but man, they take up a lot of room.  I thought that I had a huge laundry room, and I still do, I just have storage space now.

I'm waiting on the trim to get installed so that we can move the washer and dryer into their new home.  Don't want to have to move them once they are already in place.  Hopefully that will be happening next week.

Today I am waiting on the tree trimmer guy to show up.  We have a tree that we have to get removed before our excavator can move our retaining wall.  Our yard will look very weird without it, but I still have a hard time recognizing my house anyway.  The only thing sad about the tree being removed is the fact that my husbands best friend, Zeus, his dog, used to lay at the top of the hill underneath the tree and watch guard.  He was the best dog!  The kids still talk about him. 

My tree is kind of sad looking, but at one time it was very full and round.  That is, until the utility guys came by and hacked it up.  I understand that they have to do that, especially since we are so prone to ice storms here, but it just makes the trees so ugly.  Guess I'll have to plant me some trees, away from the power lines.

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