June 8, 2010

Laundry room

Just wanted to up date you all on what my our new laundry is looking like.  Yes, that is purple on the walls!  I will be the one spending the majority of the time in this room and I wanted it to be the color that I like and would enjoy. 

So, my husband has been laying tile like a mad man.  We are getting the cabinets this week, so we definately had to crack the whip and get this stuff done.  Anywho....this is what the room looks like right now.  Wait until the end of the week.  Soooo excited! 

We have the water all ready to go and we have power!  So, once we get the floor all done and the cabinets in.  The washer and dryer will be moved and then, viola, it is done!  Yea!!!!

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