June 3, 2010

My nutshell

So, I just realized that it has been over a month since I last put an entry in.  Yikes, am I a slacker or what?!?!  Just a little busy actually.  I kind of wanted to update you on what has been going on in my life for the past month.  I'm sure everyone else is just as busy, I just want to justify my absence to you.

First off, my mom just got done with a loser of a husband, (it's okay, she knows how I feel) and got her divorce finalized a few weeks ago.  This marriage of hers has been a huge strain on me for quite some time.  He was very controlling and mentally abused her.  Alienated her from the rest of her family and I lost my mom, for what seemed like, an eternity.  That issue is getting much better and my mom and I are as close as ever, again!

Second, my best bud of many years, Aimus, has been dealing with massive head aches for quite some time.  Since the first of the year...she has been dealing with migraines and such, getting tested and trying all sorts of drugs to find out that none of them were working.  Then she went to get her head scanned and found out that she has a tumor.  It is benign, which is a blessing, but it is still there and must come out which means brain surgery.  She is such a strong woman it is unreal to me at times how she pulls thru, but God only gives us situations that we can handle and he knows how strong of a woman she really is.  I have been praying for her and her family and am scared to death for her, but I know she will pull thru with flying colors.  I just love her and her family so much. 

Okay, keep going??  Of course!  Another really good friend of mine, for many years as well, just left her husband.  There are many issues that has brought her to this decision.  This is once again, a blessing, but it is still hard when you are friends with both parties.  You hate seeing them hurt, but you know in the long run, that this is better for everyone.  The only one that I really worry about is their little guy, but he is strong and kids are resilient to things.  Besides, kiddos pick up on everything and if you aren't happy, they know it, even if you try to hide it.  They are like little sponges and just absorb everything.

Alright, well, there is the obvious, of course, my casa and all that goes along with it.  The electrician came today to hook up all the lights!  It is getting there!

My babies both got out of school for the summer.  Lil' Sis ended her preschool career and is heading into kindergarten in the fall.  Holy smokes, how time goes!  I don't know if it has really hit me yet that I won't have a baby at home with me anymore, but I am sure that it will and I will be a mess!  Then CX graduated out of kindergarten and is starting first grade in the fall.  This one really bothered me, I can't explain it, but I balled on the last day of school.  It could be that there was a picture of him in a cap and gown from the little graduation ceremony they had for them the day before.  Can you believe that he is going to be in the graduating class of 2022.  That seems like so far away, but I am sure it will be here in a blink of the eye.

Then, my babies started summer school the very next week.  Yep, I am that mom.  The one that is mean and puts them into education over their break from school.  Although, I must say, they both say that it is soooo much fun and don't understand why more of their friends aren't there.  I think it helps with lil' sis getting adjusted to the school schedule in the fall and it keeps CX from playing Wii all day or his DS. 

Okay, another thing, all the women in my family, on my moms side had a little womens retreat planned for the end of May.  We all went to my Aunt CC's house.  It was my momma, her momma, my aunt and my SIL to-be-one-day-hopefully!  We shopped, ate, got pedis and just had a really good time together. 

Then, a friend of mine asked me if I would design a few necklaces for her.  She was putting a tea party together for the women of her church and wanted to have a few door prizes.  So, of course, I came up with a few and let her pick the ones she wanted.  She wanted them all, but ended up taking the two in the middle.  Which lil' sis was happy about because she really loved the one on the right and didn't want me to sell it.  I think that I didn't do too terribly bad.

Okay, I almost forgot, don't know how I could forget, but CX is playing baseball again.  He really enjoys it and I think sometimes some of the parents get a little too wrapped up in the winning or losing of the games, but if he is having fun, that is all that I really care about.  He is only 6, that is way too young to get worked up over a bad call or whatever.  They are just learning and if they don't enjoy it, they will end up resenting it later down the road.

And last, but not least, it was my husbands birthday.  Why is it so hard to buy presents for your man?  Does anyone else have this problem?  If he wants something or needs something he just goes out and buys it.  Which is great, but it also wrecks havic during holidays and such when you are trying to get them something that they will like and actually use.

So, that has been my life in a nutshell for the past month.  It's been a little hectic, but that's how life is, right?!?!?

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