July 15, 2010

4th of July

Well, it is better late than never I always say.  I just wanted to post a little thing about our 4th this year.  We always go to the lake with our friends, Ivan and Aimus and their family.  This year was no different.  Even though Aimus had her surgery and such, she is recovering very well and was in really good spirits.  They have the cutest little cabin down there and a nice camper that we usually divide up into, the kiddos in the camper and the adults in the cabin.  The kids don't seem to mind, I actually think they kind of enjoy being in their own little place. 

So, it was the normal things that you do when you are at the lake.  You fish, you swim, you sunburn, you eat, you let your husband throw you off of a jet ski (that's for you, dear!), and you just  relax and have a good time.  That is what the agenda was for the weekend.  Then Sunday, the 4th, comes.  Fireworks are top priority in this family on this holiday of holidays.  We always enjoy letting the kiddos light snakes and sparklers and they love the snap pops. 

The festivities are going pretty well, we have lots of family and friends down for the show and the food.  We always go all out on food too, and next year, I promise I will remember the "Butt Rub".  (Inside story)  Well, we decided to light this one multiple shot big guy and the first two shots didn't go very high in the air, barely making the tree tops.  Then the next thing I know, there goes one right next to some of the guests and close to the firework table.  (Which by the way, is very, very far away from the festivities!)  I turn and think, oh goodness, Lil' Sis and Grandma are going to get it and then I hear my son screaming bloody murder.  No, I am not exaggerating!  I thought it was just because he was scared because of the chaos, but oh, no.  I couldn't be further from the truth. 

He actually got hit by a mortar and it blew up on him.  How you ask, well, apparently I am a bad parent and all the other adults there are bad people as well.  NOOOOO!  CX was standing behind my dear and Ivan, who neither one of these boys are tiny and somehow it just hit him right.  Unfortunately!  Poor little guy!

Here's his shirt from that night.   I had no idea how badly he got hit until we got him into the cabin and into light.  Then I saw the shirt.  Goodness gracious!  I ripped the shirt off and my jaw dropped.  My baby had just been target practice for a malfunctioning firework. 

I am glad to report that he is doing very well.  We didn't have to take him into the hospital, my momma is an RN so got her on the phone (which was a miracle, no cell reception normally) and sent pics of the burn to her.  She walked us thru until we got home.   Thank goodness for mommas.  We never seem to outgrow needing them, do we?! 

CX is now bummed about the things he can and can't do for the rest of summer break, but at least he isn't in the hospital.  But, no swimming, no dirty play, and no baseball.  We just can't take the chance of getting something into that fresh burn.  It was so bad that it burned almost into the muscle tissue, thank goodness that it was only an inch in size!  Just means that momma has to come up with some pretty exciting things to do until school starts.  Wish me luck!

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