October 11, 2010

Flea Markets

I have to tell you a secret.

I really love to go to flea markets!

Yep, I do!  It may sound crazy and maybe a little cheap and tight-a**ed, but I dig it!  Really, going thru all of the booths and looking at the things that people are getting rid of.  And the crazy pricing that they have.  It's insane...some may think that they have a true treasure to be had by all, and want an arm and a leg for it, and others will have the exact same thing and just want it out of their attic or whatever.

I went to the flea markets in big town with my mamacita yesterday.  We had a blast!  It is always nice when you are on a mission for something specific, but it is also fun just to see what you might stumble across and think you can't live without.

Well, I found a few treasures that I am going to fix up for my newly remodeled casa.  I found a round mirror that is very aged and worn for $3 and a footstool that someone reupholstered for $6.  Granted, the foot stool is going to have to be redone to my satisfaction....especially since they just taped the fabric onto the bottom of the stool.  Not even good duct tape either!  Just plain ole shipping tape.  No biggie!  I have plans in store for these special little treasures in my casa and will be showing you soon. 

Oh yeah, did I tell you....I love flea markets!

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