November 19, 2010

All by myself....don't want to be

All by myself!

Well, that was my plans for tonight.  Little did I know that my sweet little girl was going to have a melt down and throw a wrench into my plans.  Lil' sis was going to my grandparents house to stay the night and then Dearest and CX were heading down to the farm to do some hunting this weekend. 

I was going to be all alone, again, like last weekend.  Then my bud, Aimus, called and we made plans.  Girlie plans!  Yea for me!  Nothing too terribly exciting, but we were gonna check out this new place in big town that gives free samples of there ware and then hit a movie.  I know....woo, big night...but for me, I was really looking forward to it.

So, my grandparents show up to pick up Lil' Sis after school and she proceeds to have a total melt down.  She doesn't want to go, without bubby, and she is afraid that she will miss me.  Then she finds out that mommy had plans and, I swear, if she said "I'm sorry", once, she said it a hundred times.  She was so distraught that I had to cancel my plans because of her.

No biggie...she is still blubbering when my grandparents leave, minus a great granddaughter.

I finally get her to calm down a little and ask her what in the world is going on.  I know that something more is going on in this little girls brain.  I just don't know what.

Then she proceeds to tell me that her friend, remember the bully girl, broke-up with her on the bus ride home from school today.

Great, I think to myself.  This little girl is still manipulating my daughter.  She apparently was upset with Lil' Sis because she didn't sit with her on the way home.  Really?  Really!  This is ridiculous.  I know my little one is only 5, but come on!  This stuff has got to stop!  How on earth do I do that?!

Once, I got the details out of Lil' Sis, she was calm as could be and fell asleep in my arms because she was so exhausted, emotionally and mentally.  Wowzers!  This is my life with a kindergartner...can you imagine what it is going to be like once she hits middle school?  I think I might need to talk to the doc to up my meds or something!  Hee Hee!

So, I was going to tell you all about going to this meat market and a movie with the girls, but ended up telling you about the woes of a little girl!  The duties of a mom never end, do they?

Thanks for letting me vent.  Hope to see you again soon!

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