November 18, 2010


I got a text from a girl friend of mine the other day.  Her son and my Lil' Sis are in the same class in Kindergarten.  (That was information that needed to be shared for you to understand my story.)  Sorry, back on track.

So, I receive this text the other day that says, "When Mister G got into the car after school today, he said that Mister C thinks Lil' Sis is hot but don't worry mom, Lil' Sis said that she likes me."

Can we figure out what it wrong with this text?

1.  My daughter is 5 years old!  She is not hot!  No matter how adorable she is, she is not hot!  Not yet!  She's my baby and she's 5!  Did I mention she's 5?

2.  This is Kindergartners people!  How in the world do they even know what hot is?  I asked Lil' Sis about it, because I have to get the scoop and she said, "Yeah, I got hot at school today, so I took off my hoodie and just wore my t-shirt."  Oh, how adorable....she has no clue!

3.  Lil' Sis said, "Yeah, I like Mister G, but I also like Mister A and Mister M.  They are fun to play with at recess...not like the girls.  They like to play spies with me."  Okay, she is sooo clueless!  Thank goodness!  I don't want her to grow up too fast. 

4.  So, Lil' Sis, do you kinda have a crush on anyone.  "No way mom!  If I did, I would tell you!"

So, I am totally overreacting, but it kinda took me for a loop.  Don't know that I am ready for all of this stuff.  But I guess I better get ready, cause it sounds like its gonna be here before I know it.  Dang it!

Um, did I tell you?  My baby is 5!

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