November 28, 2010

Turkey day

So, I just wanted to give a little update as to what my family did for turkey day.  Besides the norm...getting like a gluttonous pig, watching football, and spending time with family.

The four of us; CX, Lil' Sis, Dearest Sir and myself, all loaded up in my husbands truck to head to big town for our festivities.  Why did the four of us load up into the truck and not into the roomy van, you ask?

Well, for starters, this is why......

This is not snow, if you were thinking that.  Oh no!  Here in middle America, we get sleet and ice!  Snow is few and far between.  So, it was in the 60's earlier this past week and then all of a sudden, dum dum dum....Sleet!  Yea!

This is my back porch looking out into our mass abyss of acreage and trees galore.  It was so pretty a week ago....wish I would have taken pictures.  I procrastinated and this is the kind of picture I end up with.  Oh well.

20 minutes later....

This is what my back porch looks like....

And it is still coming down.  Well, at least it did something wintry for a holiday around these parts.

We had no idea what the roads were like going into big town, or what it was actually doing in big town.  And since my mommy mobile has front wheel drive, we figured the ole 4 x 4 truck would be a better bet for the roads.

Little did we know, that two miles down the road it stopped sleeting and 6 miles down the road it was clear as could be on the roads.  Oh well, if we had taken the mommy mobile it would have been the other way around.  Never fails.

Needless to say, we made it safely to our destination.  Had some good fixing's and had to leave before everyone passed out from all the tryptophan in the turkey. 

When we got home, we had about an inch of solid ice on our yard and everything else for that matter.  Sure am glad it was supposed to warm up the next day.  Which it did and it was like someone turned a garden hose on on-top of my roof and just let it run down all the sides (we don't have guttering on our new roof yet!  *Slacker*).

It was nice to get together with the extended family, but it is always nice to be at home as well.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with those that you love.

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