December 2, 2010


My kiddos came home from school today with this wonderful flyer in their folders and i just had to share it with all of you that read my little old blog.

Apparently, Borders Bookstores are giving schools gift cards worth $15.

How you may ask?!?!?! is what the flyer says...and if you don't believe me, check out the Associated Press link here!

"The much discussed documentary "Waiting for Superman," which offers a harsh portrait of the country's public schools, has inspired a promotional collaboration among the Borders Group superstore chain, an education fundraiser and the publisher of the movie's companion book.

On Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, any Borders customer making an in-store purchase, whether of a book or a bagel or a latter, will receive a $15 gift card to donate to a public school of choice through, an Internet-based charity.

Anyone purchasing the book "Waiting for 'Superman': How We Can Save America's Failing Public Schools" will receive a second $15 card.  The companion text was published by PublicAffairs, part of the Perseus Books Group, which along with Borders and announced the campaign Sunday."

How amazing is that?!!?!  Pull into a Borders Bookstore, run in to grab a chai tea latte and get $15 for the school of your choice.  Seriously!  That is wonderful!  I am so there...and there are actually two stores in big town, so I may be making two stops!

So, if you have kiddos in school, or grand kids (momma!) or great grand kids (hint hint mims!), run into town on Dec. 4 or Dec. 5 and buy yourself a little sumpin sumpin!  It will change a child's life!

Thanks for checking out my blog today.  So glad you did...and don't forget to go get a magazine or something at Borders this weekend!

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