December 22, 2010

My, how things change in a year!

Well, it is official.  It has been one year to the date that we broke ground on the addition and remodeling of our house.  It has seemed like a long time ago that we started this adventure, but only it has been 365 days.  And man, look at what we have accomplished.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please catch up by checking this post out.  And if you don't really care, I'll just go ahead and show you pics.

This is from day two of the remodel.  Day one was painting lines on my yard.

Yes, someone actually lives in this house.  I kind of miss it if you want to know the truth.  I love my new addition, don't get me wrong.  But, I kind of liked the enmity that the old house gave us.  People never stopped for pictures, wanting to know where we bought our front door, who did the framing, or whatever else.  People just left us alone and I truly miss that.

Sorry, that makes me sound totally ungrateful.  I am so not ungrateful...I never in a million years would have imagined myself living in a house like this.  Never being married to Sir or having children or even being happy just being.  I am truly blessed to have my salvation in God, my loving husband, my beautiful children and all that I love are healthy and happy. 
I digress, here is my new addition. is the same house.  Promise!  But, you aren't the only one that thinks its brand new...even the county came out to assess it as a new house.  Sorry, guys...check your records, we pulled all the proper paperwork.

Well, now you are up to speed.  We are planning on knocking down walls inside after the first of the year.  Stay tuned for more pics.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a very Merry Christmas!  You know, it is only 3 days away!  Or so that is what my kiddos keep telling me!  Jeez!  It's like they are walking, talking calendars!  Love those little turds!

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