January 24, 2011

The old love nest

Well, we decided to put off any more of the renovations to the inside of the house until after the first of the year.  Well, it's that time.

Yesterday we took the carpet and pad out of the old master bedroom.  Why?  All the plumbing for the basement will be running underneath that room and plus that room will also become the new master suite bath.  My, O, my!  My house is going to be a war zone again!  Such is the way when you are remodeling.

I never realized just how big my closet was until I had to move across the hall and purge my closet.  Yeah, I'm rotten and I know it!

It still doesn't look that big now that everything most everything is out.

This wall will soon be torn down to accommodate a new toilet and shower.

And this wall will be broke down as well.  It will soon become a closet for one of us and the other closet will be transformed out of the bathroom.

Yes, it will be an enormous bathroom.  But it will be nice once it is done.

Underneath this window and along this wall will be one of the vanities and in the corner (the one you can't see to the right) will be the tub.

And our trim guy helped us find a slightly used tub, it came out of a house that was being gutted, but had never been used, for a stupid cheap price!  So now it sits in my garage.

Now I have to move all the stuff out of the linen closet into the bathroom that is in here.  Do you remember how big that is?  Let me remind you.

Yeah, that's going to be a very tight squeeze.  Might have to twitch my nose to make it work.

Come back soon to see how we are progressing on the house.  As we do things I will update, and occasionally do a craft or something. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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