February 28, 2011

Death Trap

Not for the weak of stomach!

Sorry, I really have to put that disclaimer up.  This has some nasty pics, but I have to share.  It is unreal!

So, we worked on removing walls out of the basement yesterday.  Opening up the family room into the old garage.

Doing the Mango hand wave!

And then we removed part of the wall of the storage/junk room.  This area will eventually become our media room.  We love watching movies!

While doing this, we ran into the grossest thing I have seen so far in my life.

A mouse death trap.

This is the after pic.

Doesn't sound so gross?  Just wait.

This was about 3 inches high of just death!  When we removed that piece of sheet rock it about knocked me off of my feet from the smell. 

(Gagging right now!  I can still smell it!  It is engraved into the brain!)

Still not so bad?!....wait!

That is just the death out of that one area.  I started counting and got to about 20 and then just gave up, because they were falling apart in my hand.

(Keeping my vomit down!)

I didn't want to pick it up...but Zippy was getting way too nosey!

Nasty dog!

As we removed more and more sheet rock off of that wall we found more and more death!

This is a Jo Ann's bag filled with the rest of the death.  The kids thought maybe it was 12 or so mice, I said 75...Sir said more like 75 hundred!

It was so nasty!  Some of the mice were still furry and whole, others were decomposing, and others were just bones. 

I live out in the boonies, so we did have a few mice that we knew of.  And every once in a while we would hear one fall in between the walls in the basement and then a few days later we would have a mystery aroma (it was never really a mystery).  I had no idea this was in my walls!

You think less of me now, don't you?!?!?!

Its not my fault!  They are the nasty little rodents that fell into my walls.  How you ask?

Well, they would walk along this area with the air ducts and then just fall to their death!

I'm sorry if this grossed you out.  I just had to share!  It was so unbelievable, I had to document it.

But the kiddos did get to help out with the demo.  Just not the death!

Now, I get to clean up the mess that we didn't pick up last night!  Yay me!

Thanks for coming by.  Hope I didn't scare you off!


  1. Oh how awful for you. That would have completely freaked me out. Didnt you have loads of blue bottles flying around? Last time a mouse died in the wall next to my heating boiler and my bedroom was invaded with them. Gives me shivers just thinking about it. x

  2. Gotta be honest - I'm am now very glad I was not there to participate in the Sunday events!! :)


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