February 7, 2011

It's the 8Th!

So, it's the 8Th...no not the 8Th day, actually if you are reading this tomorrow it is the 8Th.  It's actually the 8Th year that I have been married to this wonderful man.

Yep, I know...he's a keeper!

We eloped 8 years ago and never looked back.

Maybe one day our wedding pictures will look like this, old and dated and so very chic!

So why, you ask, am I online right now posting?!  Well, if you must know...this is the most awful anniversary we have had so far.  Seriously, not exaggerating!  I am sick, Sir is sick and has been in bed since 8:30.  I however, have a low tolerance for drugs and they have me wired...darn sudafed!

So, happy anniversary to Sir and me.

photo from sockmonkeycaketopper.com

Oh how cute my little monkey family has grown!

photo from sockmonkeycaketopper.com

Aren't these guys the cutest ever?!  Luv them!

Hopefully I will be better soon.  I've been busy with projects, just gotta finish them up!

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