March 24, 2011

Fashion faux pas or genius

My little girl is quite the character.

She makes herself giggle, which is hilarious in itself!

She is the biggest girly girl and then will turn and get muddy and dirty without even thinking twice.

She is the greatest little thing, and to think at one time I wanted her to be a little boy.
(I was preggo and the ultrasounds were all inconclusive (all three!)).
Don't judge!

She definitely doesn't care what the trendy thing is.  She just likes what she likes and I hope that she holds onto that forever.  Stick to your guns girlie!

So, last Sunday we went to the park.  She was running around the house like this, and just slapped on some shoes and off we went.

Like the socks?!  She does!  I think now that I look at it, she was color coordinated!

She looks adorable and had a great day playing in the rocks.

So what do you think?  Fashion faux pas or genius?

I'm going for genius!

Oh, and a word to the wise.  Those slick shorts made it impossible to swing.  Her little tush kept sliding off of the seat every time she kicked back. 

Look at that smile!  And those bumped and bruised knees!

Wouldn't trade her for the world!

Thanks for reading today!

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