March 23, 2011

Craft disaster

While on spring break the kids and I decided to do a craft project.

We searched online and thru the many books that I have.  We found one online at Family Fun.

This is what we were going to make.

Cute, huh?  And we had all the supplies here!  Thank goodness!  I didn't want to run to the store for something.

We gathered all of our supplies...

Cut 20 3' pieces of yarn per balloon.

Then we mixed the glue with water (equal parts).

Next, we got to work with the project.

Then, we started having problems.  The yarn kept sliding off and then the balloon would roll around.  The kids were getting very frustrated and so was I!

So Lil' Sis gave up and decided to play with the balloons instead.  She had way more fun, and there was no more crying involved!  From any of us!!!!

I tried three different times to wrap the yarn around the balloons and every time that I had it all finished and hung it up to dry (like they recommended) the yarn would slide off.  I finally gave up.  Obviously we weren't doing something right, but what I don't know!

Oh, well.  At least we had a good time failing together.

Thanks for coming by today.


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