March 8, 2011

Old Garage Clean-Up

Remember the basement demo we did?

Well, I can't seem to forget.  I keep putting off cleaning it up.

I know I need to.  I don't wanna!

But I gotta!

So, here are before pictures.  Not anything like the death trap...but still scary!

After grabbing my face mask...don't want to breathe anything nasty in, and my trusty broom, gloves and shop vac I got busy.  It was very, very dusty.  Everything upstairs has a nice coat of sheet rock dust on it again!  Yay!

I got it done in a little over an hour and a half.  I didn't think that was too bad.  Considering I had to take a few loads of trash out to the dumpster.

So now, the big reveal.

I still have a ton more to do, but I think it is a really good start!

And check out this trash can full of scraps and dust!


Oh, and I forgot to look up while I was cleaning.

Whoops!  I'll get that next time around!

I'm gonna go clean up now.  I am seriously a hot mess!

See you next time!

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