March 7, 2011

Sickness + Paint = Creations

Lil' Sis just recently got over Strep Throat.  We are still on our medicine, but back at school.

Friday we went to the doctors office because Thursday CX got off of the bus to inform me that a little girl that is in Lil' Sis's class has strep.  Great!  Called the doctor first thing Friday.

And of course, she popped positive!  Yay!

Once we got home from that fun trip Lil' Sis was antsy to do something fun.


I pulled these little guys out of my craft stash.  (You gotta have things like this for them, especially when you are always crafting something!)

Monsters and monkeys!  Great combination for Lil' Sis.

She set work painting these bad boys.  We decided to only do two since we might need them for another sick or creative day.

She's so concentrated on this monkey!  Then she gave up and had momma help.

I couldn't say no.

Here is our monster and monkey!

You can't really tell which one I helped with can you?!

Kinda anal about things...I gotta be more like her and just go with the flow!

Something I am learning to do...going with the flow.

Thanks for being here today!

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  1. Thanks for trying to link up today at Take-A-Look Tuesday - I've got it fixed now!


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