March 9, 2011

Silhouette Creations #1

This week at school is Spirit Week for the kiddos.

Monday-Mismatch day

Tuesday-Hat day

Wednesday-Wear your favorite animal shirt day

Thursday-PJ day

Friday-Tiger Spirit Day

Ah ha!  What do I see?  A chance to make something, way in advance (no late nighters anymore, Sirs orders!).  Favorite animal shirt day!

Bring out the Silhouette!

CX wanted a deer...he kind of thinks hes a hunter in training!

Lil' Sis wants a puppy, actually Zippy.  Hmmm...

Searched on the Silhouette site and found these to download.  They were $.99, I can handle that!

This is what they looked like in the Silhouette application.

I rummaged thru my scrap piles and found some grey material for the puppy and a brown t-shirt for the deer.  Then I cut up a white onesie I had left over from a baby shower present.

So, next thing I did was whip out my Wonder Under.  I actually love this stuff!  Seriously!

I'm sure that it isn't the proper thing to use with my new toy, but it worked great.

I ironed the Wonder Under on the wrong side of the materials.  Then I placed the material on my cutting mat and put it into the machine to cut.

Ta Da!!!  No problemo!

I took Lil' Sis to the store and we picked out a shirt for her and CX.  She loved this striped shirt!  Alright!  It was on clearance since it's long sleeved!  Awesome!

And we picked out a nice hunter green for CX.

I then placed the doggie onto the shirt.  Making sure exactly where I wanted it before I ironed it on for good.

Then I took the back layer of the wonder under off and ironed it onto the shirt.

I did the same with CX's shirt.  It was a little trickier since it was two pieces.  Had to make sure I placed the mount correctly so that the head was just right.

I then removed the backing again and ironed the pieces into place.

Next I needed just a little bit more for the shirts.  I whipped out my trusty singer and stitched around the edges like so.

And on Lil' Sis's I did a zig zag stitch and added some heat set rhinestones onto the dogs collar.

I'm thinking the dog needs a couple of bows in its ears, but I have to pass that by Lil' Sis first.  She's very particular about her clothing.  Which is amazing because she is such a little tomboy!

She decided that it needed a flower.  I actually couldn't agree more!

Here they are before leaving for school this morning.  CX looks really happy doesn't he?!

And of course, we had to pose with the dog, Zippy!

Quick!  Zippy run!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am so jealous though! I want a silhouette! Great job! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great job with the SIL. Hope the spirit week was fun...

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Juice!


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