April 5, 2011

bad person?

My paternal grand father passed on saturday. It is sad that he was 84 years old and i havent seen him since he was 64. Actually, i havent seen the majority of that side of the family for the past 20 years. Coming from a "broken" home does not make this any easier. Ive always been uncomfortable around them, as if i didnt belong because of what happened between my mom and dad. So now i am at a cross roads, go and pay my respects for a grandfather that i only knew for about 10 years or not go. My stomach is turning right now as i type this. Does it make me a bad person if i dont want to go to his funeral tomorrow?
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  1. Thanks so much Autumn. I just used the last of it too:( I might have to go to a considerate shop to look for some more. Have a great day!! hugs, Anne
    And No! it does not make you a bad person. don't beat yourself up. Your a great person. thinking of you.


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