April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs

We always dye eggs for Easter.  Always!

Well, Lil' Sis wasn't about to let me forget that we needed to dye them.  I bet if she told me once, she told me a hundred times, " Momma, don't forget we need to dye the eggs!"

How on earth could I even begin to forget?!?!

I like to wait til the day before because they always stink up my fridge!  Yuck!

So, here are some pics from our adventure with dying eggs.

I ran out of red dye drops, so I improvised and used my Wilton icing dye.  It seemed to work alright.

Oh, and Sir smoked a frozen pizza for us for dinner.  That's what CX is cramming into his face!

She's so excited!!!  This is how much!

Here is the wild, rarely seen Pizza Moose!
No, my son cannot eat anything without getting it all over himself.

Time to get serious!  Got some eggs to dye!

See, the Wilton frosting dye did work!  That sure looks red to me.  But when I tried to make purple, this is what I got....

Not gonna call that purple...maybe poople!  AH HA!

More action shots!

And then, once the dying was all done, it was time for another type of dying!

Yes, that is Lil' Sis trying to push CX down the stairs!  They were riding the cushion that she is sitting on down the stairs, but stopped right before I got the camera out.  Of course!

Oh, and my grandparents gave me their little Kodak for me to use until I get something else.

Thanks Mim and Pop!  I'm using it!

Oh, and one last thing.  Lil' Sis thought that Zippy needed for the Easter Bunny to hide an egg for her as well.

She's so sweet!

Here is the note that she left for the bunny.  She even put a little treat in it for Zip!

Isn't that just precious?!

All in all, we had a great time dying the eggs.  Now my fridge stinks!

Gotta make some egg salad or something to get those things ate up!

Thanks for stopping in today!  Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. Sliding down the stairs on a couch cushion is something your Uncle Buster and I did until we got busted by your Papa. Too funny that my grand babies are carrying on this tradition!?!?


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