April 21, 2009

Hitch Hiker

Well, today I had my bi-weekly MOPS meeting and we had a wonderful speaker today. Diane Waisner is a great Christian, Motivational speaker and had a lot of great points about parenting and how if we don't put our faith whole-hearted into God to help raise our kids, then we are doing a disservice to them. I thought that she was wonderful. I know a few were turned off by her, there are a few in the group that are agnostic, but that's okay...they are getting the seed implanted just by being with other christian mothers and hopefully someone else will do a little sowing.
There was a comment that was made by our speaker that ended up becoming quite a debate between my friend, Kendra, Daniel and myself. The speaker was trying to get her point across in how absorbent our children are to everything we say and do and was telling a story about her granddaughter. It went like this, she was traveling somewhere with her granddaughter when they happened to pass a hitch hiker. The granddaughter made a comment about that person and her grandma, Diane, said that she wished that she could help these people, but in today's society, it just isn't safe anymore, but she says a prayer for every hitch hiker that she passes. Apparently, the granddaughter said the same thing a week later to her mom about how she would like to help them, and wanted to say a prayer for them.
Okay, so here comes the debate. Kendra and I had brought this up to our friend, Daniel, after the MOPS meeting and he had a point of view that I never really contemplated before. Kendra and I were saying how we would probably never pick up a hitch hiker, especially when we have our kids with us. Not wanting to put them into a dangerous situation and all. Well, Daniel said, "If God compels you to pick this person up, don't you think that God would take care of you and your family?" Well, then the debate began. Everyone, in my opinion, having valid points, but it ended a little uncomfortably and that was that.
Okay....I know, get to the point already! I called Jeff and explained the conversation to him, and he asked me, "Autumn, have you ever felt compelled to pick up a hitch hiker?" Honestly, I could answer, "No." Then I thought for a minute and remembered a time when a man, his wife and son were broke down on the road next to my house. (It happens ALL the time.) I had just come home from somewhere with my kiddos in the back of the car and he asked me if I could give him a ride to his house just down the road, he had another vehicle there. Without even thinking twice I said sure, (even though I had my kids with me) and we drove him down to his house. He was very nice, didn't say a lot, but was so appreciative.
I never saw him drive back to the broken down car and when I drive down that road that he lives on, I can never find that house of his. But, I guess, you could say, I was compelled by God to help this man and his family out. God did provide for the safety of my children and myself and honestly, I don't know if I would do it again, but I think if it was compelled by God, I wouldn't even think, I would just do.
Any comments on that one?


  1. Well, I am not homeless or a hitch hiker but your hubby sure was a help to me tonight. :) The speaker did do a good job, you could tell she was passionate about Jesus. Lots of people were taking notes, that is a good sign. :)

  2. I think that you are right. I believe that when God lays something on your heart, there is no getting away from it. So I think that we have to you follow where the Lord leads us. And I also believe as long as we do that, we will be kept safe in His protection.


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