August 17, 2009

All-Star Game

The title is a little miss leading, I actually didn't make it to the All-Star Game in St. Louis this past July, but I actually did make it to the Future Stars baseball game, the Celebrity and Legends Softball game and the Home-Run Derby.

The Future Stars game was going to be pretty good, because you actually get a chance to watch some of the "future" baseball stars play. At least I thought that it was going to be good, man was I wrong. It poured and poured and poured during the game. We walked into the stadium, my brother, his girl, Jeff and myself and found a beer and our seats. We sit down and watch the top of the first inning, it is sprinkling, not much then it keeps coming and coming. They pull out the tarps and here we sit for over an hour like a bunch of dumb asses. Granted our seats were sheltered, but you should have seen the storm roll thru that stadium. It was so bad that at one time you couldn't see the other side of the stadium. There was lightening and some really bright ones were holding onto the "metal" fences on the sides of the stadium, hello! I have actually never sat in a storm of that magnitude before, but it is something I won't soon forget.

Okay, so we finally get to watch the game, like 5 hours later, but at least we could dry off beforehand. The celebrity & legends game was pretty funny. It would have been a whole lot funner if we had actually been able to hear what the players were saying to one another. They were mic-ed up but we couldn't hear anything except for Mike and Mike, from Mike and Mike in the morning. I tell you what though, that Nelly sure can play some ball! He had to represent, yo! =p

The home run derby was pretty cool, we had tickets to a luxury box, so all the food and drinks you could want! Man I would have loved to have had that for the futures game during all that rain! I would have gotten my money's worth and then some. But Jeff tried his darnedest to make up for it during the derby. I ate and ate and ate, it was some pretty good food!
Okay, and now to top it all off, I actually broke my big toe on my left foot that Saturday before we even left town for the games. Yes, I am totally serious and let me share with you just have graceful I am. I was pumping gas into my car and I stepped over the hose to throw something away and as I am stepping back over my foot gets caught in the hose and down I go. Oh yes, I am grace! Then I try to stop myself by grabbing onto the vehicle, but no, that doesn't work so I try to stop myself on the concrete block that is next to the pump and I end up scraping my left boob. Yes, you read that correctly! I actually still have a scare on it. But to add insult to injury there is a guy pumping on the other side of the pump and has two people in the cab of his truck with him. He comes over to help me up and I feel like a total imbecile! Yep, if you need someone to do something totally dumb, you have found your girl! I had to walk around the Lou with a broken toe all weekend. It was this really nice purple and green color. I should have taken a picture to share with you all!

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