August 17, 2009

Birthday Boy I am over a month late on posting this, but at least I am posting, right?!?!?

My baby boy had his 6th birthday this past month and he had such a good time. We had it at the community center in town and I think every single boy that he knows was there. We invited the baseball team, the soccer team, friends from preschool, friends from summer school and friends from church. I know, I know, are you crazy? Yes, I guess I am, but you only turn 6 once, right? Actually for as many kiddos that were there, it really was fairly reasonable. It averaged out about 6 bucks a kid and they got to swim for an hour, they fed them hot dogs, chips, drinks, a birthday cake and ice cream for each kid. I actually had to make a cake for my son though. I promised him a "Mario Kart" cake and by George I tried my darnedest to make it.

I think that it turned out pretty good, considering I had no idea what on earth I was doing. If you put me in a bind I seem to function quite well and pull it out somehow. I don't know how, but I work good under pressure. Either that, or God smiles on me when I am stressed. Probably it is a little of both.
The invitations for CX were a little more time consuming than I had anticipated, but they seemed to turn out pretty good also. I barely got them out in the mail in time for people to RSVP. Although, I don't know why I expect people to RSVP, most people don't anymore. Why is that??!

Then, once we got home, all of the gifts were jumbled up and I couldn't for the life of me remember who gave him what. So, tell me if this sounds wrong, I sent a photo of CX in a really cute pose saying "Thanks for making my birthday super." as a thank you card. I didn't know what else to do and I didn't want to not send out thank you cards. I hope that it didn't offend anyone. I think that it is just as nice as a note. Maybe I'm just tacky, I am a country girl and all.

All in all, CX had a really good birthday and is thinking of what to do for his 7th birthday already! AGHHH! I still have 11 months before I have to worry about that again!

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