August 5, 2009

Save, Save, Save!!

Alrighty, I have to share this with you all! I was introduced to the most wonderful website a few weeks back and I think I might be in love. No joke! It is and you should seriously check it out. I am in a trial period as of right now, you can sign up for a free four week trial and I am serious here, it has already paid for at least a six month membership!!! I am so not joking!

I have shopped for the past two weeks using this system and have purchased $350.00 worth of groceries for $191.00. Yep! It does take a little effort of course, nothing is worth anything unless you have to put a little effort into it. You have to buy the Sunday paper, you have to cut a few coupons, you have to print a few off of the internet and you have to figure out your shopping list before hand, but it is definately worth it.

I am hooked and had to tell all of you the good news! Just check it out and try it for the trial time at least...see if you like it and maybe you might become a grocery game junkie like me! Happy shopping!

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