October 15, 2009

"Swine Flu"

Well, my family have finally gotten over the dreaded H1N1 "swine" flu.  I am just going to tell you all, that yes, I am that mom that let my kids get it.  If you can actually "let" someone get it.  And honestly, it was probably one of the easiest flues that we have ever had run rampant in our house.  Seriously!

Last Wednesday, CX got off of the bus from school and didn't want a snack and was tired.  Who the heck is this kid, is what I thought, but didn't push it much further.  A little while later he snuggled up to me while we were playing Legos and he felt hot.  Really hot.  Took his temperature and yep, 102 degrees.  Not a biggie....no school tomorrow and gave him some Tylenol. 

The next day, he got up into the 104's and was NOT acting like he was sick.  Seriously, running around like a mad man, wrestling with sis, playing, he was acting like it was a great day to play hooky from school.  I had to MAKE him take a nap so that he could get to feeling better.  "But mom, I feel fine.  My head just hurts a little."  Alright...but you still can't got to school tomorrow either.  You still have an outrageously high fever.  Called my momma, who is a nurse, told her the weird symptoms and she told me to all the kids doc.  Which I did and they didn't want to see him unless he showed other symptoms or had a fever for longer than 3 days.  Okay, not a big deal.

So, Friday rolls in, still running a fever, high in the morning but by afternoon, down to 100.  Cool, not going to be taking him to the doc.  Just stayed inside and had another day off.
Saturday daddio was home and slept the majority of the day.  Great, whatever CX had daddio has now.  He said that he felt bad for sleeping so much, why is all I said.  Obviously you are fighting something.  Sunday comes, and here comes CX's fever again.  No church for you kiddo and now no school on Monday.  Great we are going to the doc, now!

Monday, we roll into the doc's office and it is crazy in there!  Seriously, the doc was the one who called us back to the exam room and did all the charting.  Weird was all I thought.
Found out CX has all the signs of H1N1 and don't be surprised if the rest of the fam comes down with it.  Great, what do I need to expect to happen?  Fevers, headaches, coughs and possible GI problems.  (That means pooing, alot.)

So later that day, I come down with a fever and my head is killing me.  It feels like it needs to explode!  So, I have it, Jeff had it last week we just didn't know it and little sis never came down with it.  Not that she didn't get exposed to it, because she definitely did!  We are all healthy now and ready for our lives to get back to normal.
One thing that I did find out that didn't sit well with me.  The first two days that you have H1N1, you don't show any symptoms, but you are "shedding" it.  Which means you are sharing with everyone, everywhere that you go.  Nice.

If you do happen to come down with it, I hope that you have it as lightly as my family did.  I would much rather have it than the regular flu.  I would have gone on with my normal routine had I not known the symptoms to watch out for.

Stay healthy and remember to wash those hands!!!!

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