November 1, 2009

I'm Done!!!!

Okay, I know that it is after Halloween and that I haven't posted on here in what seems like forever, but I have been busy.  With the flu swarming my house, soccer games, bowling and MOPS I finally finished the costumes for Halloween.  YEA! 

Lil' Sis wanted to be Pebbles Flintstone, so Jeff and I were Fred & Wilma and CX did NOT want to be Bam Bam Rubble or Barney Rubble.  He wanted to be a Shadow Trooper.  Great, and I am sorry, but I am cheap and I was not about to spend $60 on a costume that he was only going to wear one night a year.  Holy smokes that is crazy high!

I made Lil' Sis's first and it was pretty easy.  No I didn't use a pattern, I just basically made the hand towel dress but tweaked the arm holes and neck line a little.  I also made her a little bone for her hair.  You can't be Pebbles without a bone in your hair.

Next, I made Fred.  Fred was pretty easy as well.  I just cut two pieces of material and sewed up the sides leaving room for the arm holes and then sewed the shoulders leaving room for the head hole.  Sewed a little felt collar onto the head hole and then I sprayed painted a few black dots onto the costume.  I already had a fat, blue tie.  And there you have it, Fred Flintstone.

I decided that I should probably work on CX's costume because mine wouldn't be that hard and his I really didn't have any idea how I was going to make it.  Well, I bought a black pair of sweatpants and a black long sleeve shirt.  I also bought a black beanie and a pair of black gloves.  I got all of this at Target for less than $12.  I thought that I would buy some shiny material that would make the pieces on the shirt and pants look like it was actually a shield.  And honestly, I had no idea what a "Shadow Trooper" looked like, but I know what a "Storm Trooper" looks like, so I basically pictured that but only black.  I cut out pieces of the material and sewed them directly onto the shirt and pants.  I thought that they would look more realistic if i put a little bit of stuffing under the material.  Well, apparently, I stuffed it too much because my poor little boy all of a sudden got a really good size package in his pants thanks to his momma.  Needless to say, I got rid of the stuffing and decided to just go with the material. 

Then came the fun part of his costume, the mask.  I new all along that I was going to do a paper mache mask but I had no idea how I was going to do it.  I bought some plaster material from Micheal's.  It is material that already has plaster dried onto it, so all you have to do is get it wet and then go from there.  I bought some balloons, even though I only needed one and blew it up.  I then took a cheap mask from Wal-mart or the dollar store and placed it onto the balloon.  Then I began applying the plaster.  After it dried, I added a toilet paper roll to tweak the mask.  CX said that it looked right, I had no idea, but if he thought it was good, I was okay with it.  Then I baked the mask to make sure the plaster was completely dried and spray painted it black.  I painted a little bit of silver details onto it and there you have it.  A shadow trooper.  CX thought that it was awesome, but didn't enjoy wearing it that much.  Said that it smelled funny and that little bits of plaster kept getting into his eyes.  Without the mask he looked like a cat burglar.

Then came me, Wilma.  I made it one night very late at night and man, if you have never sewn with fur (faux) don't, it is a furry pain.  I had white fur floating all over the place.  It was in my hair, my eyes, all over the place.  I kept trying the piece on, pinning, taking it off, sewing, trying on, pinning, taking off, sewing......You get the idea.  I don't think that I could explain how I did it, I don't even know that I was completely awake when I was working on it.  Anyway, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I hadn't made the necklace yet, but a friend of mine said that she had the perfect necklace for Wilma.  So, here is a picture of all of us.

 I was pretty pleased with the outcome and Lil sis is already talking about what she wants to be for next year.  Well, if she comes up with something soon I will have plenty of time to get it done before next year.

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