November 14, 2009

Ruffly Scarf (Updated!)

So I am trying to be frugal this year for Christmas with presents for everyone.  So far I haven't gotten that far on my list, but I am starting to make a dent.  I wanted to show you my latest creation. 

I was inspired by this scarf over at ~Ruffles and Stuff~.  Disney is very talented and inspires me every time that I visit her blog. 

Anyway, I had some material lying around from Christmas presents that-were-to-be, but never created.  I took a half yard of linen like wool....I'm sorry, I don't really know what type of material it was.  I'll try to keep my stash a little more organized for the next time I do a tutorial.  I was wanting t-shirt material, but since it is hunting season, my big burly man is off trying to provide for his family and my kiddos are fast asleep in my bed.  Of course, even when my husband is away I still can't sprawl out all over my bed.  Sorry, getting off subject.

I cut 4" x 4" squares out of the material.  I didn't know how many to cut, so I just cut it all, the whole 1/2 yard.  Now, in hind site, that was probably too much.  But it is my first time making this.  And Disney said she cut 64 squares.  Alrighty then, I'll shot for that as well!

I then pressed out all my little pieces and pinned them all together.  Taking the middle of  each square and overlapping it onto the next.  Sorry, if you don't understand look at the picture.  I am more of a visual learner and don't do well explaining things.  But I can show you!

So, once the pinning is all done I hopped my happy little tush down into my craft room and sewed them together.  I made straight seams from one corner of each square to the next.  Working all the way down until you get to the end.  And that's pretty much it.  Now, I used a zigzag stitch and I also used elastic thread because I wanted it to have a really ruffly (is that a word?) effect, but it was my first time using elastic thread and I don't know if I need it on a larger stitch or not.  But it didn't give me quite the effect I was hoping for.  I'm going to do some research on elastic thread for my next project. 

Well, I am still very pleased with the results and honestly, I don't want to give it to my SIL, but I guess, since that is who I had in mind to make it for, I should probably go thru with it.  I am definitely going to make one for me.  But probably not quite as long.  I think 64 squares is a little much.  I'll have to do some experimenting for the next one. 

I think that this wouldn't have taken me near as long as it did if it weren't for those really bad movies on Lifetime.  Those things just suck me in and I don't know why.  I can figure them out in an instant yet I keep going with the punishment of those brutal movies.  It's a strange and sad addiction that I have. 

Tell me what you think.  You like?

Well, I tried out the scarf today.  Well, I was going to, but that thing is soooooo darn long.  Seriously, I think it is about 8 foot long.  A little much for a scarf, no?!?

So, as I had mentioned earlier, I wanted to make the scarf originally out of t-shirt material, but my kiddos were asleep in my room, blah, blah, blah.  Well, I grabbed a t-shirt before they headed off to bed.  This is the one that I grabbed.  Kind of has a little silver shimmer and print to it.  Thought that might be a little fun. 

This time I decided that I would make my squares 3" x 3".  And I cut the whole shirt up and only got 42 squares.  I also figured out how to sew with elastic thread and the second time it turned out much better.   I am liking this look a whole lot more.

It also didn't take near as long to make sappy movie on LMN tonight.  I am still thinking that I can tweak this more.  It definitely turned out more ruffly than the first time.  Yay, I learned a new talent!  ;-P

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