October 30, 2010

Hey Scooby!

Where are you?

"Rover Rere!"

Scooby Doo got into the candy and had a tummy ache, so she stayed home.

Not really, but that's what we told all of the trunk or treaters that were asking "Where's Scooby?"

We did, however, see a little guy dressed up like Scooby Doo, but he didn't want to hang out with us to hand out candy.  He was more about getting the candy.

I, on the other hand, can't believe so many kids knew who we were.  I mean, we barely look like the Mystery Gang.  Right?!

Didn't realize my wig was falling off in the photo.  Just didn't think I could pull Velma off with my blond hair.

And yes, I did do that to my mommy mobile!  My kids thought it was "AWESOME!"  It really didn't take me anytime at all, maybe 40 minutes.  Those markers that they make for writing on car windows are the bomb!  I was afraid that I would need a ton, so I over bought and I only needed one for each color for both sides of the van!   Suh Weet!

I will now introduce you to the Gang...

Sorry about the lame photo...I only had my phone with me in the car.

This is CX, aka Shaggy.  He complained all night that his "mustache" was itching.  Whaaa whaaa!

His costume was the easiest by far and pretty darn cheap.  $2 for the green shirt and $6 for the "mustache", with adhesive and remover.  Everything else we already had.

Apologizes again for the photo.

This is Lil' Sis, aka Daphne.  She was still recovering from a fever and soar throat.  Not in the highest of spirits by far.

Here costume was also rather inexpensive.  $4 for the tights, $6 for the purple shirt (I already had the green ric rac that I sewed onto it.) and $3 for the capris turned into skirt.  Remember from here.

Daddy Dearest, aka Freddie Jones.

His costume was super easy.  I found a $2 white turtle neck that I cut the neck off of and then I bought the $4 colored shirt that he wore underneath it.  The ascot is actually the rim from a pillow case that I also found for $1.  He also tried to dye his hair, but his hair is just too dark.  So it just turned it to a soft brown color.  He really wanted it to be blond since next week he'll be hunting and won't really care.  But I didn't get a bleaching kit, just color.  Was afraid I might totally screw up his hair. 

Lastly is me, momma, aka Velma.

My costume was probably the most expensive out of the bunch.  My glasses were $3, my sweater and socks were $3 and $2 and the skirt was $2.  The wig was $6.  Still relatively inexpensive considering what they go for if you buy them from the store. 

Lastly, the mommy mobile, aka The Mystery Machine.

The markers were $3 a piece and I bought 3 of them.  I'm taking the rest back, baby!

I think we look pretty darn good. What do you think?

Yes, CX looks so excited to be at the trunk or treat, doesn't he?!?!
He was very impatiently waiting for it to being.  And Lil' Sis was hiding out inside The Mystery Machine.  She was pretty whiny and tired.  But she insisted that she go.
So that's what we did last night, what did you do?
Thanks for visiting today.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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